What happened to me

My name is Henning Ras and a former teacher of Design and Technology since 1990.Currently I do freelance videography, photography and working in my spare time for extra income. The main reason why I’m in this business is to teach others how to live healthy and earn money by telling others how to save in their household.

Been a  Design and Technology teacher and hostel father doing duty after a full days work including after school activity,part time photographer and target shooting can drain you fiscally and mentally . When I  wasn’t on duty the day, the house lights been switched off at about 7pm and sleeping till the next morning making ready for the work day. That was a routine I used to follow from Monday to Friday and on a weekend when I didn’t do hostel duty, I would have slept till about 11am…. Not so good but that was how I could get the batteries charged, rest only…

The target shooting sport I done also took loads of mental stress on concentration and that made me even more tired when I got back at home. Then in 1993 a friend introduced me to a product called GNLD Pro Vitality Pack. My friend who was also a teacher and farmer, sportsmen and qualified electrician. Before we drove to his farm that is about 160 miles from our house, he gave me a sachet of powder and some capsules and tablets to drink with water and said it will keep me awake…. Sceptical as I been I tried it and thought I would doze off sleeping after 50km drive ….

To my surprise I was wide awake till 2am and NOT tired at all, even when I woke up the morning I didn’t feel tired at all. I didn’t go to bed tired and woke up fresh….

That was the turning point to prove that food supplements are a must in life and the food we used to eat do not have the same nutritional value as it used to be.

Since the day I used GNLD Products, I will never be able to find another product that is the same Natural products that are part of the human food chain…

Humans are not created to eat synthetics like plastic and paraffin or oil from earth…

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Henning Ras


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